About Lavasani

In the name of Allah

The first steps of formation of Lavasani production unit were formed on June 22, 2010 under the management of Mohammad Javad Lavasani, and by the grace of God, this group is now one of the well-known brands with more than nine years of experience in the field of production and packaging of olive products, especially cultivated olives. This area is considered in Lavasanat and Shemiranat of Tehran province.

The provision of fresh and high-quality raw materials, quality stability, full support and service of products are our commitments and policies, which we have been successful in doing until today, thanks to God’s grace and grace.

Our effort is to provide the best quality and healthiest products to dear Iranian families in order to improve the health index of the society according to your taste, dear ones, and not only your satisfaction with the quality of the products plays a vital role for us, but in this way, your valuable opinions are the best light. It will be for us.

In the end, we ask you to not leave us alone with your valuable comments and suggestions… we are a family.